söndag 5 juni 2011

A nerdy study in Battlegrounds

I’ve been in for pvp and battlegrounds very much lately, and have had serious thoughts about it, besides from having great pleasure in backstabbing gnomes in particular. At some time I felt like I got the same battlegrounds over and over, even though I had selected random, and thought that it would be a fun idea to keep statistics over which battlegrounds I got by selecting random. At the same time I also started a poll at DeviantART where I asked the following question: Which one is your favorite Battleground?

I played 50 battlegrounds and these where the noteworthy results (note that Arathi Basin was the second of frequent occurence battlegrounds):
1st Alterac Valley: 30,5%

2nd Arathi Basin: 12,2%
7th Isle of Conquest: 6%

The poll at DeviantART, with 63 participators, showed the following:
Alterac Valley: 44%
Arathi Basin: 19%
Warsong Gulch: 14%
Battle for Gilneas: 8%
Eye of the Storm: 8%
Strand of the Ancients: 3%
Twin Peaks: 3%
Isle of Conquest: 0%

Note that AV and AB are the top 2 and IoC 7th or 8th in both lists.

I wondered why I got Alterac Valley so often, and many of my friends suggested that it was due to the fact that AV requires more players than the others – but if that was the case, why didn’t I get Isle of Conquest more often? As it is now, it is one of the bg:s that occurs the least times.

My theory is therefore that we get the battlegrounds based on popularity, not just by some random factor. Even though we get rewards, such as more honor by picking random, people still queue for their favorite battleground, and we who pick “random” get thrown into those bg:s. So please do me a favor – stop liking Alterac Valley so much! :D

But I may be wrong, and my study isn’t 100% accurate. What do you guys think? Feel free to add links/info/studies! (And those who favor Alterac Valley - do you guys specificly pick that bg when queueing?)

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